What we do

A guided visit is a shortcut to a stress-free, authentic, local experience. Your tour will start with a warm Scottish welcome from your local expert and then you will enjoy the real insider’s view of Edinburgh’s iconic sites and hidden treasures. You will discover the best restaurants, the friendliest pubs and the shops and markets which sell genuine Scottish crafts.


Why we do it

I am passionate about providing informative and inspiring guided visits which will highlight the rich diversity of Scotland.  I want visitors to have the best time, immerse themselves in the best local experiences, see the iconic sites, and even break bread or share a dram with the locals. On my tours, you will have meaningful connections with local people, and a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.  

I am committed to responsible tourism, where local traditions and heritage are respected and encouraged, and tourism has a really positive impact on the local economy.